Dr. Cindy Tran is a licensed Naturopathic health care physician and dedicated Naturopath doctor (ND) with a broad scope of practice including training in lifestyle and nutritional counselling, botanical medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy manual therapies and injection therapies.

Although her training is in Naturopathic medicine, she believes in combining traditional healing methods with the most recent and up to date scientific research.

Getting people motivated about their health is her passion and her goal is to make changes in the way people think about health and changing the health care paradigm.

Her clinical focus is on pain management, stress management and hormone health, however, she has been trained to treat a multitude of general health concerns.

She is currently accepting new patients. Please see services under Naturopathic Services to read more about the treatments offered.

Naturopathic Care Pricing: (effective August 1, 2022)

(Dr. Tran accepts Visa, Mastercard, Interac, cash and cheques)


Naturopathic Doctor Initial Visit = $220

Naturopathic Doctor Follow Up Visit = $95

Extended Follow Up Visit = $120


Acupuncture Initial Visit = $105

Acupuncture Follow Up = $95

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture = $105


Neural Therapy Scar Treatment = $200

Neural Therapy Follow Up Visit = $140


Prolotherapy Initial = $200

Prolotherapy Return to Site = $140


Eight (8) Week Weight Loss Program = $500

Per visit Weight Loss Treatment = $40


Mood IV Drip 200cc = $150

ImmuneIV Drip 200cc = $150

Glutathione Drip 2g = $120

Glutathione Drip 3g = $130

Glutathione Drip 4g = $140

2g Glutathione Add On = $20

Meyer’s Drip 50cc = $140

Meyer’s Drip 100cc = $140

Injection B Vitamin = $35

IM Inject Adrenal = $35

Cindy Tran, ND’s Hours and Availability:

Tuesdays – 12pm to 6pm

Thursdays – Pending

Please click here to check availability and book an appointment with Dr. Cindy Tran.