Heather Muggu has been an RMT since completing her massage therapy program at Makami College in 2013. A member of the National Health Practitioners of Canada, Heather believes that health and wellness can be uniquely customized for each individual. She has gained a proficiency in helping clients improve their strength and mobility and is passionate about assisting others in achieving their own health and wellness goals.

Choosing Massage Therapy as a career path was the means to use her gifts to genuinely help others feel better. She believes that decreasing pain and increasing mobility greatly contributes to a satisfying, healthier life. What isn’t more delightful than working on your mind and body so you are not blocked from doing more of what you love?

With a decade of professional experience and a natural inclination toward massage, Heather possesses the confidence required to work with many clients in their healing and recovery. Having many techniques in her toolkit, Heather can pinpoint what works most effectively. From gentle techniques to strong deep tissue work, including cupping and PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation used commonly in rehabilitation), Heather aims to narrow down what is a priority to work on within each massage session.

Massage Therapy Services Pricing: (effective April 6, 2020)

(Heather accepts cash, cheques, debit card, Visa and MasterCard)

30 Minute Massage = $50

45 Minute Massage = $75

60 Minute Massage = $95

75 Minute Massage = $115

90 Minute Massage = $135

Heather Muggu’s Hours and Availability:

Heather is flexible with her hours and further times can be accommodated through the clinic.

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