Jennifer Steed, RMT, RYT has been in the healing arts for over 30 years, ranging from aquatics, fitness, nutritional counselling, massage therapy and teaching yoga and dance.

A graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, BC, Jennifer has enjoyed practising in a wide range of environments from private practise to clinical and recreational settings.

You can expect a thorough, professional and sensitive approach applied with knowledge and skill.  Jennifer is skilled in a deep tissue approach although that can be interpreted a few ways.  Sometimes a lighter touch to release myofascial tension is needed while at other times a slow, mindful depth is necessary.

You will feel well cared for by her sessions that can help you resolve injury, decrease the manifestations of stress and generally reconnect with your body again in a healthy way.

Massage and Reflexology Pricing

(Jennifer accepts Visa, Mastercard, Interac, cash and cheques)

30 Minute Massage = $55

45 Minute Massage = $75

60 Minute Massage = $95

90 Minute Massage = $135

Jennifer offers the following massage treatments and services:

Mindful Massage – During your massage that integrates a variety of physical techniques to overcome and treat pain discomfort or dysfunction you will also experience an even deeper way to heal; that of unwinding your central nervous system. As you receive your massage you will be guided into a gentle, relaxed and nourishing state that begins to create a place of resourcefulness inside so that you can actually begin to live and feel better for the long term. Instead of just poking, pushing and prodding we work together to create lasting change that brings you more energy, more calmness and renewed vitality.

Oscillating Chi Treatment – For some people there is need to complete the session with a 5-7 minute treatment using a “Chi Machine”. This is a small unit that is placed under your ankles when turned on gently oscillates the legs and therefore the whole body, A very powerful tool and adjunct to the massage session which introduces the rocking movement. Painless and relaxing, this ‘extra’ treatment often leaves you feeling tingly and rejuvenated at a cellular level as well as being therapeutic for improving the flow of lymph and blood circulation.

Hot Wet Towel Treatment – Warm wet towels will be applied to select areas to increase circulation, reduce tension and soothe your nerves. This adjunct to the physical techniques applied will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and can be used to refresh the feet also.

Silicone Cups Treatment – Silicon cups are applied in a manner that is similar to the Chinese Medicine use of same but without added ‘fire’ or needles. Applied to lift and heal tissues, these helpful tools are excellent for reducing tension, inflammation, excess heat in the muscles and to generally tonify the structure. Small and large cups are used depending on the clients needs or wants. They are moved in a focused pattern.

Have you considered specialized care and services? Jennifer also offers:

Customized Therapeutic Yoga sessions – We spend three – one hour sessions together at the clinic guiding you through simple, appropriate and healing yoga postures. With a strong emphasis on reducing stress these sessions are gentle yet deceptively powerful. Combined with specific practises that suit your needs, concerns and lifestyle these three sessions will help you to feel much better in between your massage sessions. Each session is recorded on your device or on my phone, for listening to when you practise at home. Equipment provided to start out.

Yoga is for anybody anytime and is a holistic approach to your physical, mental and emotional well being. No previous experience necessary, being inflexible or uncoordinated makes no difference.

All three sessions will be pre-booked at the front desk with a maximum of 6 weeks in total to complete.

Investment for a three session series:

$299 with equipment, including yoga mat, two blocks, strap and bolster (equipment valued at $175)

$199 without equipment. Some items are available to borrow temporarily.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens and Adults – A series of eight classes (90 minutes each) designed to teach the client foundational life skills in reducing stress and its manifestations mentally, emotionally, socially and physically.

This Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program has been demonstrated through research to be an effective intervention in most levels of mental health challenges for kids and adults alike. The model has been used for 40 years with great success. It can reduce adolescent stress and the physical and psychological problems that result. It has been implemented in both group and individual therapy settings.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is noticing your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in the present moment without judgment. Using mindfulness-based strategies and interventions can improve a teen’s functioning and their quality of living often prospers.

The mindfulness- based approach is advantageous with teens who need assistance with managing stressors. These are not limited to highschool demands; common concerns such as anxiety, depression, problems with relationships and difficulties with paying attention and focusing can also be addressed.

Mindfulness is a natural part of being human that involves present moment awareness and can be cultivated through formal and informal exercises. Research on mindfulness interventions points to beneficial effects in emotional, physical and academic domains. Mindfulness is increasingly being integrated into academic and clinical settings involving adolescents and adults.

Inquire about the investment for a series, whether private, shared or in a family setting. In-clinic or at-home settings are offered.

Jennifer also provides:

Proflexa Arthritis Cream – A high quality herbal combination of powerful Chinese and Indian herbs formulated locally by Pharmacists; excellent for reducing pain and inflammation and improving tissue healing it has a pleasant aroma and is non-staining. Available for purchase.

$25 per tube
(Save on shipping and currency exchange rates)

Jennifer Steed’s Hours and Availability:*

10:00am – 5:00pm on Monday

10:00am – 5:00pm on Wednesday

Unavailable on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Jennifer can also be available at other times, please contact office for availability.

*Hours may vary week to week — please call the office if you are looking for a time via our on-line booking system , if the desired time slot is not there.

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