Absolute Health would like to welcome Lawrence Sparkes to the team. Lawrence has made Edmonton his home since 2000. Spending his early childhood abroad, and having a diverse ancestry, has given him a sensitivity and appreciation for culture. He worked 15 years in the Oil and Gas sector before being given the opportunity to pursue a profession that correlated more closely with his real passions.

Lawrence has had a lifelong passion in the area of sports and movement. To honour that passion, Lawrence has become a licensed physical trainer and now a student Registered Massage Therapist.

Lawrence gives us a little insight into the goals, interests and philosophy that underpin his recent education:

“Through a massage treatment, I strive to provide improved mobility, increased mental relaxation, reduced anxiety, relief for headaches, stress reduction, and improved physiological function.

I believe strongly that my greatest wealth is my health and hold a holistic belief that health is a state of complete, physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease.

Our wellness journey is not comprised of one giant step that gets us there, but of many little steps.

Nurturing ourselves is not at all selfish but is rather essential to our well-being.

I decided that I wanted to contribute through the wellness industry so that I can build relationships founded on compassion, encouragement, wisdom, respect, attunement, and love.

My other interests include spending time with family, gardening, travel, hiking, reading, kayaking, swimming, and learning.”

– Lawrence Sparkes

Lawrence brings his skill set to Absolute Health while working to finish his massage program. Now that he has accumulated enough hours to begin working, he is now offering massage treatment at AHI. These sessions are not billable through most insurance plans, so, for the time being, they will be at reduced rates.


(Lawrence accepts cash and cheques)

60 Minute Session = $50

Lawrence Sparkes’ Hours and Availability:

Please click below to see the Online Booking page for Lawrence’s availability, or call our office at 780-448-5888.

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